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Tips on how to thin your hair without the help of shear

Tips on how to thin your hair without the help of shear

Having too much of hair will be difficult to handle. Thick hairs will be bulky and do not stand in the place you set and it changes the shape of your style. There are many alternative ways to thin hair.

You can get a good haircut while thinning your hair. If you don’t want to cut your hair one can look after their hair being at home itself. The bulkiness in your hair can be removed easily with the help of thinning shear. Moreover, there are many ways available to thin hair without thinning shears.

Choppy layers:

If you think your hair has grown a lot and it looks like uneven you can cut them into chopped layers. Using the help of point cutting hair will be cut and this type of cutting will be done to people who have long or medium hair. This cutting will be helpful for people with curly hair. It is not necessary to get thin hair with regular scissors.

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Take away bulk:

To take away the bulk from hair it is necessary to get your hair cut in the right way. Before cutting your hair discuss with your stylist to know which one will suit you the most. When cutting the bulkiness in your hair will be removed and looks like a thin layer.

Razor cut:

This is another type of hair cutting which will help you to get rid from the bulky area of hair. For this the stylist will make the razor to go through each ends of your head to remove all the unwanted bulky hair. Without reducing the length of your hair razor cut can be done. On cutting hair with razor the ends of the hair will look curl with waves which will attract the people.


Hair masks like mayonnaise and olive oil will involve in making the hair to thin them down. This mask will bring out the excellence in both the texture as well as the range of hair. For obtaining thin hair wet you hair and apply mayonnaise in a small amount. Cover your entire hair and tie everything together and obtain the best result.

Bottom line:

By these ways it is possible to thin hair with no thinning shears. This article will help you to know about the thinning of hair without the use of thinning shear and these above explained information will guide you in the right way.

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