Everything you should know about the perms treatment

Everything you should know about the perms treatment

Perms: It is generally referred to as a permanent or semi-permanent chemical activated hair treatment that helps to set your hair in waves or curls. Surely, you will get the best result on perm hair after washing it but you should wait for a longer time at least for a day. There are two types in perms they are digital perms and cold perms.

  • Digital perms: It involves an initial relaxing treatment prepares your hair taking about an hour. Heated curling rods are used to form looser waves and curves. At last the hair is put in rollers hooked to electronic devices that regulate temperature and the process will take three to four hour. The processing time depends on hair length and thickness.
  • Cold perms: it is a traditional method. In this method, your hair is socked with an alkaline compound before it is tightly wound into the smaller curls that create a tighter pattern with a digital perm.

It is not enough to know about things that happened before and after the treatment. Here are some important things to know about what happened afterward of the treatment. Let’s see about them,

Never wash hair after getting perms: You may wash your hair before a perm, it is very important seriously don’t wash your hair after getting a perm. Because it can mess up and you will end up with a set of curly locks. Leave it for at least 24 hours or even 36 hours for the best time frame.

Perm will take a long time: Like other treatment, perms treatment also takes a longer time than others. Keep in the mind you will want to set up a morning or afternoon to get a perm. You will surely take a long time when you prepare for a perm at least it will be more than 1 hour.

getting perms

Work best on bare hair: If you have recently color your hair and it is best to wait for some time then you will get the best perm results on hair that is natural.

Perm needs time to sink into hair molecules and take shape so give it a day to get the best result. Finally, you will end up with wavy or curly hairs that look more fabulous. Never forget to wash hair before perm because you cannot able to wash your hair after perms treatment.

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